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Real estate for sale in Volytsya


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commercial real estate for sale

Ternopil region
Skomorokhy, vill.

for sale commercial real estate  Skomorokhy

2 bedroom flat for sale

Ternopil region
Ternopil, city

for sale 2 bedroom flat  Ternopil

office real estate for sale

Ternopil region
Ostriv, vill.

for sale office real estate  Ostriv

house for sale

Ternopil region
Baykivtsi, vill.

for sale house  Baykivtsi

house for sale

Ternopil region
Pochapyntsi, vill.

for sale house  Pochapyntsi

land for sale

Ternopil region
Butsniv, vill.

for sale land  Butsniv




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