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house for sale

Dyyda, vill.

for sale house  Dyyda

industrial and commercial property for rent

Dnipropetrovsk region
Dnipropetrovsk, city

for rent industrial and commercial property  Dnipropetrovsk

house for sale

Lviv region
Telyazh, vill.

for sale house  Telyazh

2 bedroom flat for sale

Kyyiv region
Kyyiv, city

for sale 2 bedroom flat  Kyyiv

room for rent

Lviv region
Lviv, city

for rent room  Lviv

office real estate for rent

Kyyiv region
Kyyiv, city

for rent office real estate  Kyyiv
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With the continuous development of their own business in Ukraine, develops and markets commercial real estate activities start new businesses and enterprises, on the other hand, some companies are closing. This leads to buy commercial real estate , or sell it. Therefore, in recent years it is this property is the most popular and in demand.

Prices for non-residential premises and offices in Ukraine is quite high, but in spite of this, commercial real estate is successfully implemented.

For any business need the room where it will be located, shops, cafes, offices, warehouses, shops production. Buy commercial real estate You can easily and quickly on the national portal .

you can successfully sell your office, shop, restaurant, shop or warehouse, using the services of our website. For several years we have created a large database across Ukraine, and got reliable customers.

statistics of our website ensures that if you place an ad « sell commercial real estate » or « buy commercial real estate », he read thousands of visitors. Here you will find more current offers throughout Ukraine than any other specialized portal.




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